Top 7 Fashion Trends To Adopt From Amazon Fall 2017

I wonder the quintessential that was consider when Spiderman, as a character was created. They must have taken note of the ‘spidy-chaddi’.

Jokes apart! But when it comes to fashion sense, we like to go bizarre. Fashionistas keep their closets filled with a variety outfits that are sure get notice any day. When I say so, I mean they are the latest fashion trends whooping up/ looping in the air.

Now when spring has already approached and many of you are looking for outfits to go on/with any day, I thought of crafting this list of spring summer 2017 fashion trends for you. Mark a note; these are also inspired by the ongoing Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017.

Handloom: The first day of Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017 featured The Handloom School of Women Weave supported by Good Earth. I surely can sense the handloom trend that will follow this year. To keep your fashion beat updated, you must pick up some handloom attires such as scarves, long skirts, silhouettes to drape, kurtas, pants, and shirts. Also, AIFW has whites and blacks highlighted.

Kimono-style Trench Coats: Kimonos aren’t unknown to us. But this season, you can tweak them with long trench coats. Designer Abraham & Thakore has come up with a new fashion format, ‘ See Now Buy Now’. Creating everyday outfits with pure cotton and hues like ivory, madder, indigo and black, these garments are great for working women as well. Additionally, you can twist the garment to have a party outfit.

Paring Alert: If you’d want to look unusual or bizarre, you should begin pairing strange garments. This season Novita Yunus, an Indonesian designer, showcased her designs, fusing up two different garments. She paired Kaftans with palazzos and traditionally embroidered kebayas. Meanwhile, Samant Chauhan also liked to play with styles. The designer paired ties for women with wide-legged pants and shirts. His outfits are here to shut off gender-based dressing idea. Well, this isn’t as bizarre as Spiderman wearing his underpants on his skin-tight pants. But you are certain to catch much attention with such an attire.

Sarees: So we haven’t left behind our traditional outfit. But this time, you should twist the style and go rampant. Designer Monica Dongra kick started the saree show with a white saree. Sarees in different fabrics, silhouettes, and unique drapes stole the show. This latest fashion trend will definitely give you a spectacular look.

Cascading Ruffles: While I had a close look at Amazon India Fashion Week, I also gazed at New York Fashion Week Spring 2017. And do you what I found? Cascading Ruffles! Although ruffles never seemed to become a vogue, yet it did hit on the ramp. With tiniest detailing possible, these dresses were designed amazingly. Have a look and decide for yourself.

Embroideries: Here we are with embroideries, and no we aren’t talking about that old school styling. This season, you should try interesting yet simple embroidery. Just like this one. You can try on such embroidery with various outfits such as dresses.

Cape: While you dress amazingly, outwear always remain a challenge. To this, a cape is a solution. These coats are warm and smart for any day to go. Capes are bold and elegant. You can pair them with various outfits. What else? There are whole lot choices available in capes. So now you can choose amongst them and complete your look.
So these are 7 spring/summer fashion trends for 2017. Grab them